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Family portraits... Mom and kids..

October 25, 2012 Mamatha Rajiv 1 Comments Category :

Recently i did a shoot for a family with mom and her 2 kids. It was really fun at the same time quite hectic. Once the kids get comfortable with you they become even the more in stable making it difficult to shoot. The  kids whom i was shooting got really comfortable with me and i wanted candid shots of them. Kids at play would be the most interesting subjects to shoot. I took them to the park nearby and let them play. Needless to mention that out of many many pictures shot i would get only one or two sharp pictures. If shooting one kid is so difficult, imagine if there are two. 

The 2 sisters... They are sooo s

Portraying kids the way they are brings out the natural beauty in them. 

The two kids with their mother.. Actually she is a kid herself.. 

If tweety is silent for sometime, then we know that something is wrong somewhere.. 

Tweety!!! she is the youngest and most naughtiest.. 

She was not okay with the costumes that her mom selected for her.. and hence this result