Thursday, 25 October 2012

New born kid's portraits

Just when i was thinking to do something different with kids i had the opportunity to shoot this little one who was soo co-operative. There was a couple i knew who were recently blessed with a baby Boy. Just as he was growing up i told them that i wanted to do a shoot of his. The couple was very eager and were very co-operative. since i knew them really well i could really tell them what i am trying to shoot and asked them to get some accessories. We decided we will do it outdoors. There are limitations shooting outdoors with a newborn baby but still natural light has the best results ever. We decided on the Location and selected the golf course as the Location since it was green , clean and interesting. Here are few of the picture from the Shoot. 

mama's boy

Oh My god !!! whats my dad doing with me

ooooo!!!! i feel sooo cold..

I love you tooo mom

mom come lets play dishum dishum

Cute family

OMG!!!!!  i need to stilll grow up to fit into this...

Add caption

I willl get up early in the morning tomorrow and study..Promise!!!!

Ahhhhh i just love doing this....

Family portraits... Mom and kids..

Recently i did a shoot for a family with mom and her 2 kids. It was really fun at the same time quite hectic. Once the kids get comfortable with you they become even the more in stable making it difficult to shoot. The  kids whom i was shooting got really comfortable with me and i wanted candid shots of them. Kids at play would be the most interesting subjects to shoot. I took them to the park nearby and let them play. Needless to mention that out of many many pictures shot i would get only one or two sharp pictures. If shooting one kid is so difficult, imagine if there are two. 

The 2 sisters... They are sooo s

Portraying kids the way they are brings out the natural beauty in them. 

The two kids with their mother.. Actually she is a kid herself.. 

If tweety is silent for sometime, then we know that something is wrong somewhere.. 

Tweety!!! she is the youngest and most naughtiest.. 

She was not okay with the costumes that her mom selected for her.. and hence this result

Monday, 17 September 2012

Wedding Photography....My first !

My 1st wedding assignment.....When i was asked to Shoot a wedding in Ahmedabed for like 5 days i was a little skeptical about it since the shoot would be for 5 long days. Anyway i thought i should be exploring the opportunity and started preparing for it. I read a lot about wedding Photography. Reading always prepares you mentally for the shoot and It also gives some visual perspectives with helps while shooting. checking if the gear was good enough for Capturing the events was also a huge task. The 5 day events included, Ganesh Pooja, Haldi, Sangeet, Mehendi, Bharaat, Wedding and the Reception.That was quite a lot of events to cover. Since all the Events happened Indoors i decided i will go for an external flash and Invested in one.  Now i feel very good about investing in the flash since it allows me to shoot at ISO 200-400 giving me sharper pictures. It also helps you to decide the amount of light you would want for that particular shot. That was the 1st time i was using an External flash. Even though i got some incredibly good shots using it, it suffered sometimes with the bouncing. Knowing where to bounce your flash is a seperate immense topic by itself and this trip really help me understand that. If not fully, at-least partly. At the end of the day My first Wedding assignment has taught me a lot and has given me the practical exposure of shooting a complete wedding portfolio. Now I am at a better understanding of what is needed to shoot a wedding and what has to be shot during the events . I am really happy for exploring my 1st opportunity... 

The Ganesh Pooja-To kick start the marriage by seeking his blessings
Ganesh puja

Haldi ceremony

Haldi ceremony at guy's place

Haldi ceremony at Bride's place

Bride's Lehenga

Bride's jewellary
Mehendi ceremony