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New born kid's portraits

October 25, 2012 Mamatha Rajiv 0 Comments Category : , , , , ,

Just when i was thinking to do something different with kids i had the opportunity to shoot this little one who was soo co-operative. There was a couple i knew who were recently blessed with a baby Boy. Just as he was growing up i told them that i wanted to do a shoot of his. The couple was very eager and were very co-operative. since i knew them really well i could really tell them what i am trying to shoot and asked them to get some accessories. We decided we will do it outdoors. There are limitations shooting outdoors with a newborn baby but still natural light has the best results ever. We decided on the Location and selected the golf course as the Location since it was green , clean and interesting. Here are few of the picture from the Shoot. 

mama's boy

Oh My god !!! whats my dad doing with me

ooooo!!!! i feel sooo cold..

I love you tooo mom

mom come lets play dishum dishum

Cute family

OMG!!!!!  i need to stilll grow up to fit into this...

Add caption

I willl get up early in the morning tomorrow and study..Promise!!!!

Ahhhhh i just love doing this....